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AIA has established committees to help carry out the tasks and responsibilities of the Board of Directors. Our standing Committees which carry out the ongoing responsibilities of the Board are the Education, Review, Research, Clinical, Fundraising, and Publications Committees.  Other committees formed to perform a specific, time-limited function are the Conference and Nominating Committees. All committees have basic purposes and missions to accomplish and to carry out specific assigned  tasks. 

Committee Contact Information

Education Committee

The purpose of the Education Committee is to develop and update recognized school education guidelines, Advanced Practitioner application guidelines, monitor member’s continuing education, and arrange speakers for AIA’s monthly webinars.

Education Review Team 
The purpose of this Team is to review school applications and make recommendations to the Board whether or not the applying school meets the requirements to be accepted as a Recognized School and to review Continuing Education Provider applications. The Board, for qualifying schools, then officially declare the school as recognized and upon payment of the recognized school fee, the school is listed as an AIA recognized school or approved continuing education provider on the website.

Research Committee

  • Collects and reviews up-to-date published research articles that are then regularly posted on the Members Only Research Database page of the AIA website.
  • Pre-screens and recommends recipients who are APAIA and Professional members to the board for AIA sponsored research grants.
  • Maintains records and follows approved research studies through their course for approved recipients.
  • Holds scheduled monthly meetings and maintains minutes.
  • Organizes efforts for outreach via social media and communicates this and all other activities to the AIA Board of Directors through a designated liaison. 

Clinical Committee

It is the vision of the Clinical Committee to serve as a resource for clinical aromatherapy guidelines, models, policies, procedures, protocols, networking, and partnerships.  The purpose of the committee will be to provide credible information to clinical sites to promote safe, evidence based use of essential oils within clinical healthcare settings.

Fundraising Committee

The purpose of the Fundraising Committee is to identify potential sources of funds from individuals, companies, hospitals, foundations and other organizations; to develop an action plan for identifying what sources will be approached and how; develop and maintain written presentation proposals for potential sponsors; write grants to obtain funds; develop sponsorship programs; and ensure effectiveness of the programs established by the Fundraising Committee.

Media Committee

The purpose of the Media Committee is to have oversight of all the official social media of the AIA, and to create and coordinate the publications of all printed and web-based materials which includes the AIA Journal Aromatics in Action, website, and social media all keeping within the goals of the AIA and for the promotion of responsible use of essential oils.

Conference Committee

The purpose of the Conference Committee is to plan and execute a professional conference for the purpose of education, networking and promotion of the AIA’s mission, goals and accomplishments.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee solicits candidates for officer and director positions for the Board of Directors and vets all qualified candidates for the upcoming election. Ballots are prepared for the Annual Members Meeting, votes tallied, and results publicized.

Membership Committee

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to identify the needs of our members and make recommendations to the AIA Board of Directors to implement perks and programs to support our membership, to identify measures to grow our membership and retain members, and to provide outreach to membership to learn how we can better serve their needs. 

Business Committee

The purpose of the Business Committee is to educate, support and promote the businesses practicing Aromatherapy in our membership. Using feedback from the membership we identify and address questions and situations and recommend solutions for Aromatherapy based business issues and topics.

About us

Founded in 2006, the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is the professional organization representing aromatherapists.

AIA aims to increase awareness of and expand access to aromatherapists, help its members build successful practices, expand the body of aromatherapy research, and serve as a resource for members, the media and the public.

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