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Meet AIA's Medical Advisor

Raphael d’Angelo - M.D. Medical Advisor

A native of Long Island, Dr d’Angelo has a medical degree from the University of Oklahoma (1976), certification in family medicine (1979-present), certification in integrative holistic medicine (2000-present), certification in aromatherapy (1999 Australian College of Health Studies), and numerous other certifications.

He is a contributing author to medical, holistic and aromatherapy newsletters, articles and textbooks. As a teacher in the aromatherapy field, Dr d’Angelo has motivated doctors, nurses and other holistic healers to embrace aromatherapy through coursework in aromatic medicine. His training in microbiology has led to research on the effect of essential oils on microorganisms and this has progressed to the invention of AromaTab™ for the treatment of numerous infections.

“I look forward to the interaction with the AIA board and the membership to help AIA be a major influence in the development of top notch clinical aromatherapy in whatever setting it is practiced.”

Medical Advisor Position Description and Responsibilities

As AIA’s network base increases, so do the complexity of questions and decision making factors. To assure that we, as an organization, provide foresighted direction and impeccable professional standards for the industry, we created the position of Medical Advisor to the Board and are honored to have Dr. d’Angelo serving as AIA’s Medical Advisor.


Provide medically related guidance and advice in accordance with the AIA policies, bylaws and the following as detailed below.


  1. At the request of the Board, Executive Director or Committee Chair provides specific guidance on questions of medical appropriateness of policy, procedures, or other aspects of the activities of AIA
  2. Counsel with Board member or Committee Chair on specific questions of medical appropriateness of essential oil therapy and/or research ideas
  3. Act as a liaison on behalf of the Board to physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners or other practitioners who may have questions best answered by a medical colleague; and to welcome them to the AIA membership
  4. Provide a medical opinion on articles authored for the newsletter/journal when requested by the Board or the Editor


A Board member, the Executive Director or a Committee member will contact the Medical Advisor with the nature of the need for assistance and the time frame, if pertinent, along with any necessary contact information.

The Medical Advisor will reply to the request in a manner appropriate to the situation (phone call, email, written report, etc.) of the outcome of such assistance given.

Instructions for submitting a request:

Email your request to us and indicate 'Medical Director' in the subject line.

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AIA aims to increase awareness of and expand access to aromatherapists, help its members build successful practices, expand the body of aromatherapy research, and serve as a resource for members, the media and the public.

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